Baby Sleep Problems and Solutions

By | April 24, 2019

Is your baby keeping you up all night and you are desperate to get some advice or tips so you can be able to sleep more regular again? Do not worry, there are more people who experience that their baby has a sleeping problem and there are some solutions that will help you out.

The first six to twelve weeks babies tend to sleep quite irregularly. But after three or four months they usually have more regular sleep habits and routines.

It can be difficult to judge what is best, with all the well-meaning way of looking at things that exist. But you are an expert on your child and know what works for your family. It is usually best, therefore, that you decide what you want and then put plans into action. You can teach your baby to sleep with them or on his/her own, in your bed or in his/her own. But it is much better for you and your baby to stick to a plan.

Every time your baby wakes during the night, it is likely that a parent must repeat whatever it was you did to get your baby to fall asleep at bedtime. If you are nursing to sleep, it is likely that you may do the same every time they wake up. If you let the baby fall asleep by itself, the baby will be able to get to sleep all by itself.

Regardless of which plan you will choose, it is useful to think of two things:

  1. If something is worth doing, it is worth doing thoroughly. If you decide not to lull baby to sleep, but instead put it in bed while it is sleepy but awake and come back with 5-10 minutes intervals to whisper comforting words, it is better not to give up after 45 minutes – otherwise you just show the child that the plan does not apply in the long run.
  2. Give it one or two weeks before you change planes. Each time you change planes your child must learn all over again. Old habits do not disappear immediately and to establish new ones takes time. Do not confuse your child with constant change, but try a new concept in a week or two.

Babies like a good routine and it’s easier for you as a parent to say goodnight if you had a good time together before. The baby will probably also fall asleep more easily if he or she slept late in the afternoon.

Good sleep routines are both good for your baby and for you as a parent.

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