Baby Shower Ideas

By | May 16, 2019

A baby shower – the same implies a simple bath for the baby but instead it is one of the most delightful parties. At this welcome party you celebrate the baby and the parents to show friendship and love.

Many choose to hold the shower (the welcoming) after the birth of the child. It also gives the parents an easy way for many people to see the child at a time and a great way to relax and get to know the baby before introducing it to others. If someone other than the parents plans the shower, check with the parents before to see when they would prefer a shower.

Anyone can host a baby shower for the new parents. It can be a family member, or friends. A baby shower is normally around six weeks before the date of birth. But some choose to have it after the baby is born. Showers are held on weekends and during the week. Try to schedule the date for the day to suit all guests.

To know how much the shower will cost, you might need to know how many guests to invite, were the shower is taking place, what kind of food to serve, what type of party, and what kinds of activities will suit the children and the adults. You can plan a luxury or a budget baby shower – the most important thing is that it fits the parents and that the baby feels welcomed.

Guest list
It is optional to write a guest list and to run it by the parents (if they are not organizing the shower themselves). Mostly, family and friends are on the list. Be sure to contact the guest in time, so that they can save the date.

Baby showers are fun! Become a child again through stuffed animals and toys. Be creative and use the imagination, perhaps a toga party or a masquerade. Or use the baby’s name as an inspiration or the heritage, background etc.

Food and menu
Have simple food, maybe a buffet, as this will help people mingle and spend individual time with the parents and baby without interrupting the party. Be sure to offer some dishes that are catered to allergies and to offer a wide selection of drinks. Not everyone wants alcohol. If you have chosen a theme for the shower, make sure that the food reflects it.

Choose a location that is easy to get to, for example, in the garden or in the house. Usually baby showers are held at the home of those who arranged it. Preferably, the shower is held at the parents’ house or at some relatives’ house. The place has to be cozy, as a baby welcoming in a hired location might not be appropriate.

And so you are ready to hold a baby shower, Have fun and enjoy the day with both family and friends and of course some good food and drinks. Be sure to appreciate the parents and the baby/baby to be born and to put him or her in the center of the day.

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