Baby Shoes Buying Guide

By | April 28, 2019

Buying shoes for your baby is always difficult. Having yourself as a reference, you know how hard it is to get shoes that do not hurt, which fit perfect and that are of good quality. There are some tips to be had in this area though, and they make baby shoes shopping way easier.

Baby shoes are needed for summer and winter, indoor and outdoor and for special occasions. On top of this, the baby regularly grows out of its shoes and needs new ones. A baby is constantly growing, so be sure to regularly measure the baby’s feet so that you can buy the right size of shoes.

The size of the shoe is entirely dependent on the size of the baby. There are regular sizes for babies, but they do not always fit. Sometimes, the baby has bigger feet and sometimes the feet still a size to small for his/her age. Baby shoes are not easy to buy, but start with the recommendation given in the shop and move on from there.

If you want good help, choose a shop that is either specialized on shoes or baby items. They are well stocked and have plenty of knowledge on which shoe is right for your baby.

The biggest problem might be how you check that the baby shoes fits. The baby cannot tell you that it is too small or too big – you need to figure that out by yourself. There is a rule of thumb: buy baby shoes that are 1-2 inches larger than your baby’s feet. This is, of course, depending on the model and type of shoe, but it is a good rule to start with.

If the baby refuses to try on any shoes, or if you want to give the baby (or parents) a pair of shoes for his/her birthday, then there is a trick. Take the right foot of the baby and put it on a piece of clean paper. Draw with a pencil around the foot and voilà, you have a template of the foot. Now repeat with the left foot (it is important that you do both, as they might differ a bit). Cut the template from the paper and take it with you to the store. Fit it manually into shoes that you like and make sure that the paper is not crunched and has some space left in the shoe.

Another tip is to buy a pair of shoes and ask for the return policy when checking out the shoes. You might have more time and patience to fit the baby shoes at home than in the store. If they do not fit, return them on time and get your money back.

Remember – it is no use for the baby if the shoes are the fanciest ever seen if it cannot walk properly in them. Go for quality and comfort rather than having the trendiest baby out there.

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