Baby Outdoor Safety

By | April 6, 2019

Many parents have made the entire home childproof, but have forgotten about the garden or playground outside. That is not really a problem, as most parents tend to over-think their baby’s security. Still, there are some issues concerning baby outside safety that should not be forgotten.

The baby does not understand the difference between things that are dangerous and harmless outside. You need to be sure that the surroundings are safe: that there are no loose nails or other technical machinery, no harmful plants or any vicious pets nearby. Depending on the season there are some additional things you need to consider.

Summer and Sun
When you are out with your baby, you need to protect it from the sun. Baby outside safety is much about protecting your child from the sun. Use a protective hat to protect the face and head from the sunbeams as well as from the heat. Older babies can were special sunscreen for children. The same goes for a baby that is lying on a blanket outside. Be sure that the area is in the shadow and protected from the moving sun.

Also, baby outside safety is about protecting your baby from all kind of insects. The baby is very curious and does not know that insects can be dangerous. If the insect might be frightened, it will bite or sting. For this purpose, many strollers and such come equipped with a mosquito net. Use this, and you might even consider buying one to protect your baby when it is outside the vehicle.

Remember that all kind of insects, especially wasps and flier, are attracted to sweets and other kind of food. A tip to reduce the nuisance of insects is to put a lock on the biscuit tin and a cork on the juice bottle.

Winter and Cold
Whether it is summer or winter, you must get out and go for a walk with the stroller. Be sure to dress your baby appropriately for this outside walk. The clothes should be warm and preferably in layers so that you can remove items if you go inside a store. Do not forget tiny socks, shoes, hat and gloves. Have an additional blanket ready in the stroller in case the weather should change and worsen.

The head is the most important thing to protect in this outside activity. Most heat vanishes through the head and with a hat on, the baby will not get as cold and will additionally save energy.

Baby outside safety is not only about the different seasons. When the baby or child is a bit older, you will certainly walk to public playgrounds. An accident can easily happen during a visit to a playground. Usually not so damaging to the baby itself, apart from abrasions or bruising. Be sure to always have an eye on your baby to prevent any injuries from happening and to be able to react quickly if anything should happen.

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