Baby Nursery Checklist

By | May 16, 2019

It is not free to fix a nursery room for a baby, but it doesn’t need to cost a fortune. A baby doesn’t need expensive things and for that matter does not even care about it. With a little creativity you can create a beautiful room that is perfect for your baby.

You should first ensure that the nursery room in itself is safe – stabile walls, no plugs are wrongly constructed, no moisture damage or mold damage. Also, be sure that there are no sharp edges on anything in the room and that the door is not easily opened. If the room is close to the staircase, be sure to add a guard for the stairs.

After that you can paint the nursery in a beautiful color that you like. Use your imagination and creativity as a tool on the way to the perfect nursery room. Maybe you can draw pictures on the wall or use ornaments around the doorway? You can add wallpaper instead of painting the room; this alternative might be more expensive though. BE sure that you finish the paint and wall decoration job a long time before the baby shall live in the room. This is because the smell and the paint itself can be toxic for children and you do want your child to smell fresh air.

The nursery room is a place where your baby will sleep and play. But remember also that a baby does not care about how big or small the room is. One thing to keep in mind is that the baby nursery should be light and airy. Windows are preferred for the natural light and to keep the temperature stable even during the hot season.

Decorations in the room itself should be sparse. All that is needed is basically a crib, a place for toys and a changing table. To add storage for diapers and other baby utensils might also be handy. Many parents enjoy a comfortable chair in the baby nursery as well; this is a comfy place where you can sit and rock your baby to sleep.

Many babies enjoy a glider or music box over the crib. This is also said to trigger the baby’s intelligence and development, as well as provided something fun for the baby. Also, be sure that the crib itself never stands in direct sunlight. Nor should it be near any air conditioning, as this might be unhealthy and too windy for the small baby.

There are no rules for the baby nursery. As long as it is safe you can decorate it in any way you want. It is only your imagination and creativity that can stop you.

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