Baby Monitor Buying Guide

By | April 20, 2019

When the baby is asleep, you might want to leave it alone to get some rest yourself or do some other activity. A baby monitor will help you to supervise your child and you will be notified as soon as the child stirs or cries.

The baby monitor is the ears of the parents, and nowadays even the eyes. Designed as a little one-way walkie-talkie, with or without built-in camera, the parents can listen to every sound the baby makes while they are not in the room. This gives them an opportunity to do other activities and also prepares the baby for the fact that it can be asleep without the parents present. Think of the baby monitor like an electronic babysitter.

There are a number of different kinds of baby monitors in the market. Some are used just like walkie-talkies and even looks like them. You will have one pair that is connected through cordless waves. The range is usually up to 150 meters, depending on the price and quality. Leaving on part in the room with the baby, you can easily fit the other one in your pocket, beside you on a table etc.

The disadvantages to these monitors are that even the slightest sound can be heard and that you are never sure if the baby only turned around in the crib or actually is awake. Once you are used to the baby monitor, you will soon be able to distinguish most of the sounds from each other.

Another variation is a surveillance monitor that looks like a small video camera. You place it on a bookshelf or a table nearby the baby crib, some do even attach it to the wall. Even if this option is more expensive, you will have the advantages of hearing as well as seeing your baby.

The downside to this is that the images from the video camera cannot be displayed if the room is dark. Some of the most modern baby monitors with built-in camera also have additional functionality that allows them to displays visual images in the dark. This allows you to monitor your baby even during the night or in a dark room.

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