Baby Jogger Buying Guide

By | April 18, 2019

Even if you have a baby you do not always need to compromise your own activities, such as jogging. There are strollers specifically manufactured for active parents – and you can take your offspring along on the jogging adventure.

When considering buying any kind of stroller you need to define your and your baby’s needs first. If you are very active, out a lot, maybe even going in somewhat more rough terrain, than the so-called baby jogger will fit you perfectly.

If you are considering buying a baby jogger you should keep in mind that it is affordable and is of good quality. Safety comes first in every aspect concerning things for the baby.

A regular baby jogger is a three-wheeled cart, with space for one baby and some cargo underneath/behind. There is of course a hood, which can be used for rain or sun protection. In the back, there is a strong handle that allows you to easily maneuver the jogger along streets, paths or even on rough terrain.

There are different brands and designs of baby joggers available on the market. Modern technology, mixed with the taste of thousands of parents, has created a demand that needs to be filled. One of the largest baby jogger manufacturers today is based in the U.S. Beside the regular baby jogger they have also invented a baby jogger trailer where you can seat twins!

Some of the joggers are more like wagons and have four wheels (as opposed to the three of the regular baby jogger), but this compromises the flexibility. You may not as easy go for a jog with it and it might be hard to get onto trains, trams, busses etc.

As baby joggers are quite expensive and only used for a limited amount of time, here is a good second hand market for them. Or why don´t ask your friends and relatives, there might be one to borrow, rent or buy cheap. If you buy your own baby jogger, than choose a known brand, as you more easily will find spare parts. Also, it second hand value is higher than a more unknown brand.

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