Baby Gender Prediction

By | May 7, 2019

Many couples are curious – what sex will my baby have? Will it be a baby boy or a baby girl? With modern technology we can find out and even if the answer is not 100% sure, you can make arrangements for a certain sex anyway. Even traditional signs are guiding in this. Predicting the gender is not only fun but will also make you bond more with the child.

There are many ways to determine the sex of one’s unborn child. But you cannot for sure determine whether it will be a boy or if it will be a girl. There are traditional methods that can guide you along the way as well. One method is to look on the stomach form. If stomach putting out forward it should be a boy and if the stomach is wider and can seen when looking at the pregnant woman from behind, then it should be a girl.

Another method for baby gender prediction is to go by the taste of the mother. Sweet or salty food, which is your favorite? All this might help you determine the sex. Remember though, that traditional gender prediction methods are not 100% reliable.

There are other methods that do not either works. One of them is to measure the baby’s heart rate and then predict whether it is a boy or a girl. It is said, that girls have higher heart rates than boys. Medical research has proved that the heart rate changes during the different phases of pregnancy and applying this method to gender prediction is therefore not reliable.

The safest and most reliable way to predict your baby’s gender is by ultrasound. Women have to make several ultrasound examinations any way and adding a gender prediction is not uncommon. This is the easiest and safest way to predict your baby’s gender.

More medical research also suggests that it should be more complication-free to wait for a girl than to wait for a boy. This study carried out in the U.S. discovered that pregnant women who are waiting boys developed pregnancy diabetes and had lengthy birth. Also, most boys were boys through a caesarean if complication arised.

The same study shows that you can affect the chance to have a boy or a girl when fertilizing the egg at the right moment. This is tricky though, as the study also claims that making a baby boy is even easier when the woman is moving out of her fertile cycle.

To be on the safe side for baby gender prediction, you should visit a hospital and take an ultra test for best results or wait until your baby is born. Which may well be exciting?

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