Baby Feeding Schedule

By | May 16, 2019

Babies like different kind of food. Babies have different kind of allergies. And the parents for the babies might have a preference in types of food and allergies as well. This all need to fit, and therefore the baby feeding schedule works wonders in keeping track of everything the baby has eaten.

During the first months your baby should either be breastfed or given baby formula in a bottle. More is not necessary, as all nutrients and minerals are in the precious milk. Try to feed the baby with in a 2-3 hour interval.

When the baby is about 5 months you can start testing to give your baby porridge. There are different kinds of porridge in supermarkets, some of the neutral taste of oats, other of corn and they might be flavored with fruit. Not all babies accept solid food, but try slowly to feed it to your baby. You may also try different purees, either bought in a shop or homemade (mashed banana or mashed potatoes).

At 8 month, you can try heavier porridge, such as those made form whole-wheat. This is thicker but contains more fibers than regular porridge. This might affect your baby’s bowels, so be sure to include some adjusting time on the feeding schedule. Try to complement the porridge with small pieces of bread or sandwich toppings, such as jam or cheese.

The baby might now grab for the food on your plate – a sign that he/she is curious. There is no harm in letting it have a taste, as long as the food is not too spicy or heavy (do not feed it oysters or any “luxury food”, as this might be dangerous for the baby).

When you baby has twice the weight in comparison to when it was born you know that you can start to give it solid food only. Try to breastfeed as long as possible, but if this is not doable, than go for healthy solid food.

In the feeding schedules, be sure to also put the feeding times. Always try to keep up the routine of when the baby should have food and, if possible, eat together. Be not afraid of testing various tastes and food items, your baby will tell you what it likes early on.

A newborn baby requires a lot of attention and might feed at irregular hours. But once the first months are passed and especially if the baby starts eating solid food, you need to make a feeding schedule in order to plan for your baby’s meals and food time.

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