Baby Feeding Products Buying Guide

By | April 25, 2019

When the baby is born, it is natural to breastfeed it immediately. If for some reasons the mother cannot breastfeed or if the other parent would like to participate, there are various feeding products that can be used.

There are certain issues you need to consider before buying or lending any feeding products. The first one is, of course, an estimate of if you actually need this product. If you do not have any problems breastfeeding and the baby is still too small for eating on its own, then you might as well put off any expenses.

Otherwise, the same that is valid for adults goes for baby products. Be sure that there are not toxins or other dangerous chemical substances in the product that you buy. Check that there are no small parts that the bay can take of and swallow.

If you plan on buying a baby bottle or breast pump or any other item second hand, be sure that the products are clean and sterile. You do not under any circumstances transfer any kind of bacteria to your baby.

Feeding Bottle: When you buy a baby bottle it is important to think about quality. The container should not under any circumstance crack when your pour in hot soup or cold liquids. Be sure that is it made of plastic, as the baby might drop the bottle and the glass might break. Also, check that the baby bottle is made out of safe plastics – there are many bottles in the market today that actually are fabricated from toxic plastics and are not meant for storing fluids.

Thermometer: A thermometer for the baby bottle is an easy way to check that the temperature for any kind of liquid is right before you give the bottle to the baby.

Breast pump: If you lactate a lot or if you want to bottle feed the baby in between, you should invest in a breast pump. This allows you to quite easily extract milk from the breasts and store it for later. Breast pumps can be available from the hospital for free.

Mugs: Buying a mug for your baby may seem trivial, but necessary in the end. A baby’s mug should be made of plastic and easy to grasp and hold. It should also be sealed well and not brake when dropped to the floor. Make sure that the lid stays on as well.

Spoons: There are several kinds of spoons to buy for your baby, but a good spoon should be easy for the baby to hold in her/his hand. It should also have a larger head and shaft than a regular spoon.


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