Baby Discipline Techniques

By | April 12, 2019

Babies learn from their parents, both good and bad. Most of the time, everything goes right. The teaching about morals is really important. On occasion, things might go wrong though. For these cases, there are certain baby discipline techniques to use.

A baby does not always understand when it does something wrong, Maybe it is even too small to understand when you tell is has done something wrong. Discipline it might seem harsh, but it is a necessary procedure in order to encourage and support the baby’s social and emotional development.

Baby discipline techniques are widely different from the ones that occurred only 20-30 years ago. Back then, it was common to hit children in order to teach them right from wrong. This kind of behavior is shown not to improve the baby’s development, but rather but a stop to it. In many countries today, hitting a baby is even forbidden by law.

As a parent you have to set limits to what your baby is doing. At an early stage you have to teach your baby the basics of how to behave towards others. In the others, the parents are included.

Do not be intimidated by your baby. Yes, it is very cute and yes, it does understand that it does anything wrong, but if you never correct your child and never try to teach it other values, it will never learn.

What you can do to discipline your baby is to tell him/her in a firm tone with a semi-loud, but calm voice, that it did something wrong. Perhaps the baby threw a plate on the floor while eating. Then it is good to reprimand the baby, for example, saying that “No, you do not do this” and tell the baby to sit on her/his chair and eat properly.

But the baby is not always listening to you and then you have to speak up a bit (be very cautious and do not scream, as the baby then might adopt that kind of behavior instead). If the baby is messing around with the food instead of eating it, then tell her/him firmly that “OK, you just play with your food, then you are finished eating”. Take the food away and lift the baby out of the chair. This is a strong signal to the baby that this kind of behavior is not accepted. In the same time, it is a very good baby discipline technique.

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