Baby Diarrhea Info

By | April 14, 2019

Diarrhea is never a pleasant state; not for the bay and not for the parents. There are many causes to baby diarrhea, such as bad food, colic or any other disease. It is not immediately dangerous, but if the baby diarrhea lasts than be sure to seek medical advice.

When the baby’s stool is runny and the baby does not seem to keep any food for a long time in the stomach, than it has diarrhea. This might be combined with creaming more than usual and that the baby is hungry and tired more often. All this is only a natural reaction to the fact that the baby’s body does not keep any food and nutrients, but they all pass out again.

Normally, a baby diarrhea last for a couple of days and is than over again. Be sure to give your baby plenty of fluids (preferable water) in order to keep the water balance in the body and prevent it from dehydrating. If the diarrhea last longer than this, or gets worse and worse, then you need to seek professional help from a nurse or doctor in order to exclude any dangerous infections or diseases. If the diarrhea is combined with heavy vomiting, than keep an extra eye on it as well.

There are different types of baby diarrhea and the symptoms might differ as well. Babies can have mild symptoms without actually being sick. Then the diarrhea can come from certain kinds of food, such as milk or fruit.

When your baby has diarrhea and fever it is sick for real. These stages are most often contagious and you need to be sure that you will not be infected. Go to the hospital or medical centre in order to receive treatment and help.

Diarrhea may also give the baby abdominal pain. This will make it scream more and there is really little you can do. One thing that might be the cause for this kind of baby diarrhea is that your baby is allergic to something that it is eating. Normal causes are gluten intolerance or lactose intolerance.

Try to cut certain food item from your baby’s diet, and the baby diarrhea might stop. You will still need to get to a doctor, as the baby will need to be diagnosed in order to receive good treatment. You may also consult a nutritionist on this, as they can advise you on what kind of diet that is best for your child.

Whatever the reason is, do not forget to give your baby enough to drink and seek a doctor if the condition lasts!

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