Baby Development Stages

By | April 3, 2019

Your baby will go through various stages in its early live. Baby development is predictable, which makes it easy for parents to see if their baby is in the normal range or not. However, each baby is also unique and might not learn various until it is older or actually be a fast learner and not follow the typical development stage either.

In the first twelve month, your baby will have an eventful life and will change more than once completely. It will grow and prosper – be sure to take advantage of this wonderful time together.

When you baby is 5 weeks it will already have experienced a lot. The digestion is changed, the baby will start to cry real tears and it breathes more regularly. A fun fact is that it also will be able to focus it eyes, which makes contact with the baby so much more fun.

At 8 weeks the baby learns to experience the world with its senses. Baby development is a joy at this stage. The baby will also discover that it has hands and feet; the baby will welcome something we adults take for granted with curiosity.

The next stage in the baby’s development is to learn nuances. This happens when the baby is 12 weeks old. The bay can now see well, hear better and experience tastes and smells. The child may, for example, recognize that the tone of a voice suddenly changed. Also, your baby’s motor skills will development and it will be able to move its body smoother.

When the baby is 19 weeks it will learn to grab and hold on to things and follow things with the eyes. Doing this may seem simple, but is also a bit complicated.

For the 23 weeks to 35 weeks, your baby learns that there is more than just the immediate surroundings and that there also is an outside and other rooms in the house.

Between 35 and 42 weeks, bay development tells us that your baby will learn that different things may have certain characteristics in common. This might sound a bit philosophical, but your baby needs to develop understanding for everything, do not forget that.

When your baby is around 12 months it starts to understand that you have to do things in a certain sequence and begin to grasp the things that go great together.

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