Baby Development Delays

By | May 1, 2019

It´s not easy to say why some babies develop slower than other babies. It could be a delay in the physical development. This might last for a few weeks after birth, or it might be permanent.

There can be several reasons for baby development delays. Part of the baby development delays might be that your baby starts to walk or talk later than is considered normal. If your baby does start to develop later than what is considered, you don´t need to worry about your baby being unable to either walk or talk. Some babies only learn to do one thing at a time.

There is help to seek if your child´s speech hasn´t developed at a normal pace. You can go to a speech therapist that will be able to help your child practice his or her speech.

As a parent to someone with baby development delays in speech, there are things you can do to help him or her develop their speech. For example you can use picture books, or sing songs with your child.

If your child has a permanent injury to his or her brain, that injury is called CP. The most common causes of CP is that your baby suffered a serious infection during the pregnancy; a bleeding in the brain.

As a parent of a child with any kind of baby development delays, it is not uncommon to feel guilty, since there is a possibility your child might not be able to have the same kind of upbringing as a fully healthy child. When born with any kind of disability, there is a risk that he or she might have a difficulty to make friends, as well as a risk that he or she might be bullied because of their diagnose.

It is important to remember that your baby should be treated the same as any other child at all times, they are still your child even with the diagnose. It is not uncommon that parents of children with baby development delays feel that they are not allowed to be sad, since it is their baby after all.

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