Baby Coughing Info

By | April 15, 2019

Having a newborn baby makes it hard to know how to react in certain situations. A harmless cough might prove to be dangerous, or a symptom for asthma. When your baby is coughing a lot you should be careful and maybe even see a doctor if you are unsure.

Coughing is a protective reflex that is triggered when the mucus membranes of the respiratory tract are irritated. An irritation is cause by simple things: dust, saliva, drinks, or anything the baby has chewed on.

Baby coughing is not a disease but a symptom and there are many different reasons why a baby begins to cough. One of the most common causes is a simple cold. Check if the baby has any other symptoms for a cold (such as a fever) and if the answer is yes, than treat it. Be careful with cough syrup and any other medicine and be sure to ask your doctor for medical advice before. Giving the baby regular hot (but not too hot) water is an easy way to treat early symptoms.

Another common reason for coughing is that the baby has swallowed or inhaled something. Babies are very curious creatures and often put stuff they find on the floor in their mouth. Also, they bite into anything and can find the dustiest corner in the house. Then coughing will be a simple reaction for irritated lugs and the coughing in itself is a way to get rid of the irritation.

Coughing in combination with breathing difficulties might mean that your baby has developed an early form of asthma. When the baby has a shortness of breath and is coughing, you want to consult a doctor and seek medical attention straight away. Not knowing how severe the asthma is, you do not know when the airways of the baby actually will close completely and make the baby suffocate.

There are other certain conditions and symptoms for which you must seek medical advice immediately.

  • If the child has difficulty breathing.
  • If the child has high fever.
  • If the coughing lasts longer than two months.
  • If your baby has swallowed anything and is suffocating.

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