Baby Colic Info

By | April 10, 2019

Does your baby scream endlessly, but it is not hungry or needs a change? Then it might have caught baby colic. This is a baby disease, causing severe stomach pain and hard to find a remedy for. But the good news is, it is not dangerous.

Baby colic is most often diagnosed though one simply symptom: your baby screams all the time, strong and inconsolably for hours at a stretch and it usually comes about the same time point every day. And this situation has been going on for months.

This sickness is not something that is dangerous but the baby may suffer from stomach pain; it can be very stressful for parents to hear their baby cry for hours and every day for a long period. Baby colic happens to one out of ten children and it is one of the most common problems during infancy. Baby colic is common in babies is between 2-3 months and sometimes even when the baby is 4 months old. There are babies who have gotten colic when they were as young as 2 weeks, but this is extremely rare.

Another symptom is the baby’s body. When he or she starts to scream and wave their hands as well as pulls up its legs and stiffens the whole body. You can as a parent practically feel that the baby is in pain.

The only treatment is medicine to give your baby when it has colic. The treatment is not as efficient as it should have been, but the medicine will at least have a calming effect on the baby. Look for minifom or dicykloverinclorid, as these have proven to help the most.

Combine the medical treatment with giving your baby peace and quiet. Calm it, be around and comfort it as much as you can. Also, you can try to exclude certain substances from the baby’s diet, if it is eating solid food yet. Cow’s milk is one of the things that might increase the baby colic.

If your baby does not change its behavior after a week, you should week medical advice. If the behavior still is unchanged, seek advice again. Babies react to different things and you might need to try for a while to find the right treatment for the baby colic.

You could also try acupuncture as a remedy. This treatment has proven to be effective for certain babies and does not have any negative side effects. It is all about relaxing and calming the baby and giving acupuncture does both.

Even if you might feel a certain frustration and are tired you should under no circumstances shake your baby or take hard grips on her or him. Remember, this stage is only temporary and it will most certainly pass within a couple of weeks. Do not take you anger out on your baby, as you baby need as much comfort and calmness as possible to cure the baby colic.

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