Baby Clothes Buying Guide

By | April 29, 2019

So, there you are, with a newborn baby in your lap. All the stress is gone, but you have a growing feeling of responsibility that comes creeping. This little creature, I need to nurse it and keep it warm. And the latter is easier said than done.

There are certain things you need to take into account when buying baby clothes. How many do I need of each? What size? Short arms? Long legs? Socks? Gloves? How fast does my baby grow? The questions are many, and this baby clothes buying guide will try to help you sort out the questions marks.

Keep in mind, that a baby grows fast and that a baby also gets dirty fast. How they do, we do not know yet, but it is a fact! Vomiting, spilling food, crawling around etc – there are many reasons why you need to have an extra change for your baby. And get ready to wash a lot as well, as you do not need to have unnecessary many of each size.

Baby clothes also costs money and it can be expensive. Try to limit each stages of your baby’s size into only a handful of each, or you will spend a lot of money on things that your baby only can wear for a limited period of time. Do not be afraid of buying things online or second hand, this might make it cheaper and handier for your baby budget.

It is a good suggestion to buy your first items when you have had your first ultrasound or even after the baby is born. Also, ask around, you might be able to inherit some baby clothes from friends or family.

Here’s a guide to the size of the baby according to age. Remember that each baby is unique and that the sizes might vary slightly.

Age Size
Newborn 50
1 month 56
3 month 62
6 month 68
9 month 74
12 month 80
18 month 86
24 month 92

Remember that sizes are in centimeters, i.e. the length of the child.

Tips when buying baby clothes:

  • Buy clothes that are like a size larger, as clothes tend to shrink when you wash. Also, a baby can grow into large sizes. The clothes cannot be too tight on the baby, as this might hurt.
  • Always follow the advice on how to wash the baby clothes. Most can be washed in 40 degrees Celsius, except wool.

Baby Clothes should always be washed with mild detergent, otherwise there is the risk that your baby’s skin becomes irritated. It is important to wash the new clothes that you bought in advance. This is done to remove any dirt, chemicals and other things that can provoke allergy in your baby.

For each stage of your baby’s life you should have at least a handful of sweaters, pants, socks and bodies. For the different seasons, you should have:

  • A couple of sweaters, both thick for cold weather and a bit thinner for hot weather.
  • Pantyhose for colder weather.
  • A couple of pajamas.
  • Jackets in cotton for the cold days and thinner jacket for hot days.
  • Hats, for both winter and summer, and gloves.
  • Socks, both thin and thick.
  • One or two pieces of overalls for winter and autumn.

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