Baby Carrier Buying Guide

By | April 17, 2019

A baby carrier is sometimes a practical lifesaver. Having your baby strapped to your chest or back you can easily do cooking, shopping or go for a relaxing walk. The carrier itself must be right though – and there are so many choices today that choosing is a hard thing to do.

The baby carrier is one of the most practical things that you need when having a baby. Instead of carrying it around in your arm, and being prevented from doing two arm-chores, you have the baby tight to your front or back. This will give a lot of attention to the baby and it will feel the closeness and your body heat. And you can still move around as if you did not have a baby close to you.

The modern baby carriers are well designed and prevent back and shoulder injuries. They have adjustable straps and also offer other functionality for the baby in terms of sunscreen and padding.

Be sure to buy a baby carrier that is recommended to you – either from other parents or through magazines that carry out independent tests. You will buy the carrier with instructions and be sure to read them before using the carrier for the first time.

Ideally, if you can wait, buy the carrier after your child is born. Then take it along to the store and try the carrier with the baby in it. You will soon notice that some fit better than others, some are more comfy for the baby and some are better quality. It is not always the priciest baby carrier that is the best.

Then you can also figure out if you want a carrier for the front or back. The front is more suitable for smaller babies, as they provide more closeness. Baby carriers for the back give the parents more freedom and are better if you plan on doing hiking of longer walks.

It is important to remember to never cover your baby’s head with the material the baby carrier is made of, unless there is a special sun protection of course. Otherwise, the material might be fatal for the baby in terms of suffocation.

Talking about material, be sure that the material used is not too thick and will make the baby too hot. It should also be a quite sturdy material, but not have any sharp edges. Safety always comes first when you consider anything that you buy for your baby.

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