Baby Broken Bones Info

By | April 8, 2019

A baby is energetic and often struggles and tries to free itself from the parent. It quickly turns on the table, runs into something or, in a worst-case scenario, falls down the stairs. Broken bones are often a result from this and it is not a pleasant view. As a parent you need to react quickly and master this situation.

When a baby falls and hurts itself, it might be more than just a small bump on the head. When the impact is hard, the result might be broken bones. Whether you can actually see or feel any damages is irrelevant as your should take the baby to the hospital in order to see any hidden damages

While waiting for the taxi or as a first remedy in order to transport the baby safely to the hospital, you need to stay calm. The baby will most surely scream loud as it is in pain. By being relaxed, the baby might find comfort in you.

The best thing is to protect the injured area, make sure your baby doesn´t do anything that might make the injury worse and get in contact with a doctor right away. If the broken bones are in the arm or leg, then gently put a blanket around the baby in order to fixate the broken limb. Be sure that it is not too tight or too warm for the baby. If you are unsure, call the emergency number or hospital as they can advise you on the best way to immobilize your baby.

If you suspect a skull, neck or back fracture, you should under no circumstance move your baby. Call the emergency number immediately. Keep your baby still and comfort it the best you can. Moving a baby in this situation might be a life-threatening thing to do. Regardless of how hard it is for you as a parent not to cuddle with your child right now, you need to stay calm.

You´ll also have to be on the lookout for symptoms of shock or internal bleeding. Call the emergency number or go to the nearest emergency room immediately if you see any visible wounds on your baby´s body, such as the head, abdomen or chest.

While most falls that result in broken bones are not life-threatening they will be a shock for the parents. Be sure to get medical attention and do not be shy if you feel unstable yourself, to contact a professional baby caretaker and get some tips and hint on how to prevent more broken bones.

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