Baby Body Care

By | April 20, 2019

Taking care of a newborn baby might seem tricky. On the other hand, as long as he/she is clean and smells good, there is not much that you an do wrong. Baby body care is simple and even if you might feel insecure the first times, you will learn fast.

Your baby’s hygiene is just as important as your baby’s sleep or food. When clean and fresh, your baby feels better and you can be sure that it is more happy than sad. When washing your baby or changing diapers, be sure to have a soft and warm hand. Make it easy and natural for your baby as possible.

Changing your baby
You can change the baby on a special changing table. The advantage is that the baby lies secure here – but always have a hand on your baby’s belly to prevent it from falling down anyway. Small baby’s easily wriggle free. When taking care of your baby’s body on a changing table, everything you need is close by and handy.

Another option is to change your baby while having it your lap. This might be strenuous for your legs, but gives the baby much more body contact with you. Just protect your clothing through a simple towel and you are all set.

Bathing baby
When washing the baby in water, be sure to either use a small tub or why not try the kitchen sink (after a thorough cleaning though). Be sure that the baby is supervised at all times and that the water is never ever above the leg level of the baby. Also, be sure that the water is not too cold not too hot.

Also, do not use any strong soaps or shampoo. The baby’s skin is very sensitive and this kind of body care is not healthy for your child. There are special lotions and shampoos in the store made for babies only. After the bath, it is important to moisturize your baby’s body with lotion as it helps to keep skin soft.

When you lift your baby out of the bath it is important to have a firm grip on it. A wet, wriggly baby is easily dropped, unfortunately. If you are insecure, ask your spouse to help you. Also, if you do the washing on ground level there is not much height to drop any baby from. If you have chosen the sink, than be sure to have any towels etc ready and next to the sink. Holding a wet baby while looking for something to dry it with is dangerous.

Make sure to wash the child’s face a few times a day, as it often has food all over the face anyway. This is part of the personal every day baby care.

To cut a baby’s nails
Baby body care is also to prevent your baby from scratching itself. Be sure to cut its finger and toe nails regularly. There are special scissors for baby’s nails, which blunted tips and short blades.

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