Baby Behavior Problems

By | April 13, 2019

Babies learn from the parents. They even imitate the parents. Therefore, when it comes to behavioral problems, be sure that you are yourself behaving correctly. The next step will be to set firm limits for the baby, as it needs these boundaries for its development.

The old cliché is that one parent is stricter than the other. Usually it is the father of the house as he is supposed to be more tough and strong. The kind and maybe a bit weak parent, often supposed to be the mother, may usually have a better relationship with the children, by allowing a child to do things it should not do.

This old image is passé. Today, parents have talked through the baby’s development and education. They are on the same page of the book and have set strict boundaries for the baby.

When telling a baby off, he/she might easily cry and get angry. This is a common reaction to everything, regardless of if the baby wants to stay awake longer or wants some sweets. As a parent, it is now hard to stand by your decision, as the crying baby weakens your hart. But you need to be firm and not change your mind, or you will have real baby behavior problems.

If you give up now, the baby will remember that temper tantrums are an efficient way of getting what he/she wants. Baby learn this quick, and will keep remembering it forever. So be firm – it is not only for your best but also for the baby’s best.

Most baby behavior problems come from the fact, that the parents have set unclear boundaries and limits. This goes for younger as well as older babies and children. As said before, the baby will start imitating your behavior. If you, in a situation where the baby cries, lose your temper and start screaming at it, it will do no good. The baby will remember – at first it might get scared but later on it will definitely consider screaming an appropriate action for this situation. Instead of setting a limit, you have expanded the baby’s way of not accepting the situation.

When your baby is having behavior problems, be sure to keep calm and stand by your choice. Discuss with the baby and make him/her see your point of view. Respect that the baby may scream or even kicks, but do not accept the behavior as a reaction for anything.

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