Baby Bedding Buying Guide

By | April 26, 2019

Buying things for your baby might seem simple and easy. But providing your newborn with only the good things in life is actually hard. Buying baby bedding is no different than other things on the to-do-list.

Bedding is a term that includes all the things found in a bed. Pillows, blankets, sheets, bed cover, safety measure etc – all this is needed for your baby’s crib. And it is not just to buy anything you see, no, you have to think about size, filler and non-toxic fabrics and dyes.

When you have chosen something you like – take a look at the label. Does it say it is age appropriate for your baby? Ask the attendant what kind of colors where used and where the fabric and filler are from. It is quite common that there is paint in baby’s bedding sheets so it is worth checking the pillow or blanket carefully.

If the baby bedding is very cheap it is usually because they are manufactured in a country where it is cheaper for companies to produce in droves and efficiently. These means that safety measures might have been compromised and you’re your favorite sheets might contain rest of toxins. (This goes for all beddings by the way, not only those for your baby.)

You should stick to one set of bedding: pillow, blanket and sheets. Make sure that the items are not too soft, as this might be uncomfortable and even be a suffocation risk for the baby. Add some additional blankets in various sizes to the shopping basket, as these might be needed when breastfeeding or playing with the baby. Be sure that the blankets are not too large, as this also poses a threat for the baby.

A mattress is essential as well. Sometimes it comes with the bed or crib and sometimes it does not. Be sure to either buy a waterproof mattress or to invest in a waterproof sheet in order to protect the mattress as good as possible. It is also important that the mattress fits the bed, it should not be too small or too large.

If possible, choose cotton sheets. Cotton has the ability to breath and will always keep your baby’s body at the right temperature. If cold, have another blanket handy that you can lay on top of the baby.

By several bedclothes, such as sheets to lay on and pillow covers. This helps you to protect the bedding in itself and to always have a fresh cover for your baby when it is in bed.

When putting your baby to bed, be sure that it is resting comfortable on its back. Tuck it in – make sure that no blankets are over the baby’s shoulder level. Anything covering your baby’s head might suffocate it. A trick here is to put your baby’s feet at the bottom of the bed. It cannot move downwards in its sleep and crawl under the covers, and will therefore not cover itself while asleep.

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