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Encourage your Baby’s Development

All parents want their baby to develop as it should. This natural baby development is often boosted by the encouragement of the parents, which is even necessary in order for the baby to learn certain things. A little baby needs a firm attachment to their parents to develop. After birth the baby and mother must… Read More »

Breastfeeding Tips

Breastfeeding is one of the most natural things in the world. Still, some woman experience difficulties with this issue. It is not uncommon, because in the end it is a slightly weird thing to have someone suckles on your nipples for the first time. This mixed with the anxiety about not being able to provide… Read More »

Baby Clothes Buying Guide

So, there you are, with a newborn baby in your lap. All the stress is gone, but you have a growing feeling of responsibility that comes creeping. This little creature, I need to nurse it and keep it warm. And the latter is easier said than done. There are certain things you need to take… Read More »

How to Use a Breast Pump

Women can use breast pumps for various reasons. One could be that you have twins or multiples and need to feed to babies at the same time. The having a bottle of breast milk ready is a good thing. Other reasons can be that you are away during certain times of the day and your… Read More »

Baby Shoes Buying Guide

Buying shoes for your baby is always difficult. Having yourself as a reference, you know how hard it is to get shoes that do not hurt, which fit perfect and that are of good quality. There are some tips to be had in this area though, and they make baby shoes shopping way easier. Baby… Read More »

Bottle-feeding Your Baby

When you start feeding your baby, you naturally breast-feed it in the beginning. If you’re not able to breast-feed or if you want to share the experience with your spouse, then you can easily bottle-feed the baby instead. Bottle feeding is a very simple thing to do, once both you and the baby are used… Read More »

Baby Crib Buying Guide

There is a lot to consider when buying a baby crib, such as the functions of the baby crib, the security, etc. If you´re buying a used baby crib, make sure that the bottom of it is in one piece, and that there are no sharp edges. The crib is to be used a lot… Read More »

Solid Feeding Basics

When going from, or complementing with, breastfeeding your next step is solid food. Feeding the baby solid food is not easy in the beginning, but makes life much simpler in the end. It is time to go for solid feeding when your baby shows less and less interest in bottle-feeding or breastfeeding. You need at… Read More »

Baby Bedding Buying Guide

Buying things for your baby might seem simple and easy. But providing your newborn with only the good things in life is actually hard. Buying baby bedding is no different than other things on the to-do-list. Bedding is a term that includes all the things found in a bed. Pillows, blankets, sheets, bed cover, safety… Read More »

Homemade Baby Food Tips

Many parents are too afraid to give their baby homemade food. It does not have to be hard though, and you will give your baby all the nutrients necessary. Start off with a mashed banana and end the journey with the most delicious puree that even your baby cannot resist. Buying baby food in the… Read More »